Global Deployment Settings Overview

School Data Sync:

The toggle lets you choose whether you want your profile to continue syncing. Turning off SDS will disable syncs and restrict all access to the service and the toolkit until you turn it back on. Turning on SDS does not start a sync, but merely enables it to continue syncing.

Email Notifications:

This option enables you to opt in to receiving sync status updates on a daily or weekly basis. A sample of the E-mail can be viewed on the E-mail Notifications page.

Student Personal Data Protection:

These options allow School Districts to implement access implementations and other protections for student personal data using Microsoft's School Data Sync in Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. More information can be found on the Student Data Protection page.

Security Group Sync:

These options allow SDS to create and manage a number of security groups based on the synced information. Additional information can be found on the SDS Created Security Groups page.

Password administration role for teachers:

This setting allows SDS to create Students of School Administrative Units (AUs) for each school synced. The AUs provide the scopes required for Password Administrator role assignment for Teachers. Once enabled, AUs will be created in your next sync. Once AUs are created, you can begin assigning the Password Administrator role to Teachers.

Manage Education Analytics

Education Analytics collects data from Education apps in order to enable actionable insights based on account activity. Information about the data being collected be found here.

  • Insights

    When enabled, we gather data from Teams activity. If you disable Insights, we’ll delete all previously-gathered analytics data, and we’ll stop gathering additional data until you re-enable.


    Insights is enabled by default for all NEW tenants.

  • Sync with Insights - Preview

    Enables school administrators to have better visibility into students’ and teachers’ level of engagement and participation during periods of learning. Since Sync with Insights combines rostering data from your SIS/SMS and Insights, you must enable Insights.

    To learn more about Insights in Teams for Education from IT Admin perspective, go to Class Insights.

    To learn more about Insights in Teams for Education from Educator’s perspective, go to Educators' guide for Insights in Teams.

    After enabling Sync with Insights, you MUST navigate to your Sync Profile(s), click Edit, and select ‘Sync with Insights’. For the initial sync we recommend waiting 24 hours for the reports to be available after data is refreshed from your SIS/SMS, automated or manually.

    If you do not see the option for Sync with Insights - Preview on the Settings page (see below) and would like to participate in the Preview program opportunity, go to the sign up page to provide your information and a team member will reach out to you.

    Manage SDS Settings

    You will see a new Status area appear next to Sync with Insights – Preview on the Settings page.

    Manage SDS Settings

    If a status of Completed with errors, Completed with warnings, or Aborted is returned, the following will appear above the enablement (On) toggle. You can then download the log file that contains the errors and warnings for the latest ‘Sync with Insights’.

    Manage SDS Settings

    The log file will download to your machine when you click on the link (similar experience to the SDS Sync Profile error log link). The file name will be CustomerReportableError.csv. If a status of In progress or Completed is returned, you will not see the ability to download the log.