SDS Limits

SDS has known limits to be be aware of:

Number of sync profiles – SDS cannot process more than five syncs simultaneously. This limit applies to all sync profile types within SDS including CSV sync profiles, API sync profiles, and Apple School Manager sync profiles.

Number of domains per profile – Each sync profile can append one domain for the teacher identity matching configuration and one domain for the student identity matching configuration. If you need more than two domains, you must create additional sync profiles.

Number of users/rosters per profile– Each sync profile using CSV files may contain no more than two million rows in a single CSV file. Typically, the studentenrollment.csv contains the most rows. We also see averages of eight classes per student in the enrollment file. You should never have more than 250,000 students per sync profile with CSV files (250,000 students x 8 classes per student = two million rows in the studentenrollment.csv). Having 200,000 students or less per profile is a good rule of thumb. If you intend to sync more than the recommended number of users, you should contact the SDS Onboarding Team.

Number of errors per sync profile – Each sync profile can incur up to 15,000 errors. Once a sync profile hits that error limit, the sync will stop, and the profile will stop processing the data. To fix, you should correct some of the errors by making updates to the source or target directory and restarting the sync process.