What's Coming to SDS

Below please find a list of features and enhancements in development for SDS. Once a feature has launched, it will be featured on our "What's New" page.


Upcoming Feature Feature Description
OneNote Class Notebook Creation from SDS groups SDS will begin creating groups that can be used within the OneNote Class Notebook Creation Wizard for simplified import and creation of CNBs at a more efficient scale.
Updated Section Usage Report SDS will update the Section Usage Report, simplifying the verbiage to make the report more user friendly and adding several key pieces of information which make it easier to manage your classes in bulk. We will also add two new fields to help with Section related Reporting, Troubleshooting, and Cleanup.
Teacher Password Reset SDS will soon allow for a scoped role do be assigned to a select number of teachers to authorize them to reset passwords of students. We hope this will help reduce the number of general help desk tickets so admins can turn their attention towards more pressing matters.
Class Cleanup V2 The end of term transition and cleanup process has long been an "all or nothing" process, targeting the previously loaded CSV files. Soon we are going to release a more granular control to cleanup that allows selecting specific classes throughout the year.
Teamify+Activate When syncing with SDS, Teams will now be auto provisioned after they have been created as a group. Previously Teams would be provisioned and students added once an owner of that team logs in. With this update, and another one in the works, teachers will be able to set up their class ahead of time and choose when they want their students to enroll.
Grade Sync With this update and another coming to Microsoft Teams, SDS will be able to sync grades from Teams directly back to your SIS/MIS. This feature is going to initially be released with PowerSchool but will be made available for other APIs after this update is fully released.