What's Coming to SDS?

Below please find a list of features and enhancements in development for SDS. Once a feature has launched, it will be featured on our "What's New" page

Upcoming Feature Feature Description
Parent Contact Sync
SDS will begin providing an option to sync Parent/Guardian identities to Azure AD starting with CSVs. Parents/Guardians will be synchronized as contacts, to facilitate basic email communication to the Parent/Guardian external email address synced. The parents will also be linked to the student, enabling applications to consume the parent and student association via the Microsoft Education APIs.
OneNote Class Notebook Creation from SDS groups
SDS will begin creating groups that can be used within the OneNote Class Notebook Creation Wizard for simplified import and creation of CNBs at a more efficient scale.
Updated Section Usage Report
SDS will update the Section Usage Report, simplifying the verbiage to make the report more user friendly and adding several key pieces of information which make it easier to manage your classes in bulk. We will also add two new fields to help with Section related Reporting, Troubleshooting, and Cleanup.
Updates to the EDU Directory viewer
SDS will split the Organization page into two new pages, People and Groups. This is a more modern UI, aligned closer to the familiar experience found in the Office 365 Admin Center. Under the new People page, you will see all the Students, Teacher, and Parents synced into Office 365 by SDS. Under the Groups view, you will be able to see all the Schools, Classes, and Security Groups you created and synced to Office 365 through SDS. There is also a simple search and filter pane to quickly find the EDU objects and attributes you're looking, simplifying sync troubleshooting.