What's Coming to SDS

Below find a list of features and enhancements in development for SDS. Once a feature has launched, it will be featured on our "What's New" page.

Sync Performance Boost

When you configure SDS to start syncing data, each sync profile runs through a pre-sync validation process. During this process, SDS will call Azure AD and check for valid users in the tenant before attempting to sync the data. Depending on the size of your organization, this process can be time-intensive, and add several hours onto your first time sync process. SDS will instead pre-sync Azure AD data to the service, allowing pre-sync validation to run locally. This change will exponentially decrease sync times, particularly for large customers. Pre sync validation may be reduced from hours to just a few minutes, allowing end-to-end sync to start faster and complete faster.

Reduced calls to OneRoster API providers

Currently SDS calls OneRoster API providers daily and pulls the entire data set across the wire. This volume of calls adds significant load to the source systems. SDS will add Delta Sync support for OneRoster API providers, so only a first-time sync will pull the full data set, and all subsequent syncs will only pull deltas provided by the source system, reducing the overall load for SDS partner integrations.