What's New With SDS

Welcome to the School Data Sync “What’s New” page. We are continuously improving the service with new features and updates that make School Data Sync (SDS) easy to set up and use. Bookmark this page so you can stay on top of the latest improvements in SDS.


September, 2019

Targeted Cleanup

When syncing with SDS, it is very common to have a number of courses last a full year while some only last one or two quarters. To help manage these classes, we have released a new Targeted Cleanup feature that allows you to choose which classes you want run against cleanup. This is in contrast to the standard cleanup available from Term Transition which targets the complete profile.

June, 2019

Reduced Error Generation

When syncing with SDS it is not uncommon for some errors to be generated. We have recently reassessed how these errors are generated and are happy to announce our updated Error Generation. This highly requested update will greatly reduce the number of errors thrown by removing cascading errors. Previously, if there was a problem adding/syncing a student, that one student would throw an error for not being able to synced, the School, every class, and every group. Now, if the student doesn't sync we stop attempting to sync that user and only generate the single error.

Parent and Guardian Sync

SDS has just released its long awaited Parent and Guardian Sync. With this feature, schools can choose to sync across user contact information and tie it to students. This contact information can then be used by other applications that utilize the OneRoster API to consume the link between Student and Parent/Guardian. The main feature that will be using this update is a feature in Microsoft Teams that will allow Teachers to send an automated weekly digest email on the students progress.

User Interface Update

We have heard your requests and have updated our user interface. We have removed the "Your Organization" tab and replaced it with two new tabs. One for "People" to list out the Teachers, Students, and Parents and Guardians, and the other for "Groups" that shows the Schools, Classes, and SDS Created Security Groups.

May, 2019

New OneRoster Supported Partner

We have just released OneRoster API sync for both Eventful and Skool. If you are working with either of them, you can now sync directly with an API connection with ease to sync data between your SIS and Office 365. This adds to our ever expanding list of already deployed SIS partners.

April, 2019

SDS Created Security Groups

SDS will now be able to create O365 Security Groups to make managing users easier. With this update, SDS can create and update two security groups containing all synced Students and Teachers and can also create three security groups for each school. One for "Students - School Name" and "Teachers - School Name" that contain all students and teachers synced that are associated to the school. And finally one for "School Name" that is nested with the other security groups.