Cannot assign to 'this'

You attempted to assign a value to this. this is a JavaScript keyword that refers to either:

  • the object currently executing a method,

  • the global object if there is no current method (or the method does not belong to any other object).

    A method is a JavaScript function that is invoked through an object. Inside a method, the this keyword is a reference to the object the method was invoked through (which happens to be the object created by invoking the class constructor with the new operator).

    Inside a method, you can use this to refer to the current object, but you cannot assign a new value to this.

To correct this error

  • Do not attempt to assign to this. To access a property or method of an instantiated object, use the dot operator (e.g., circle.radius).


    You cannot name a user-created variable this; it is a JavaScript reserved word.

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