length Property (arguments) (JavaScript)

Returns the actual number of arguments passed to a function by the caller.




The optional function argument is the name of the currently executing Function object.

The length property of the arguments object is initialized by the scripting engine to the actual number of arguments passed to a Function object when execution begins in that function.


The following example illustrates the use of the length property of the arguments object. To fully understand the example, pass more arguments to the function than the 2 arguments expected:

function ArgTest(a, b){  
   var s = "";  

   s += "Expected Arguments: " + ArgTest.length;  
   s += "<br />";  
   s += "Passed Arguments: " + arguments.length;  

   document.write (s);  


Supported in the following document modes: Quirks, Internet Explorer 6 standards, Internet Explorer 7 standards, Internet Explorer 8 standards, Internet Explorer 9 standards, Internet Explorer 10 standards, Internet Explorer 11 standards. Also supported Store apps (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1). See Version Information.

Applies To: arguments Object| Function Object

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