IActiveScriptProfilerCallback2 Interface

Provides methods that are used by the scripting engine to notify a profiler object when Document Object Model (DOM) events occur. This interface is implemented by the profiler object.


Method Description
IActiveScriptProfilerCallback2::OnFunctionEnterByName Notifies the profiler object that the scripting engine is going to run a DOM function call.
IActiveScriptProfilerCallback2::OnFunctionExitByName Notifies the profiler object that the scripting engine finished running a DOM function call.


The IActiveScriptProfilerCallback2 interface first released with Internet Explorer 9.

Notification of function calls that are not calls into the DOM is provided by the IActiveScriptProfilerCallback Interface.


To add the ability to start and stop profiling when a script is running, call the following methods. By using these methods, you can obtain the complete call stack if JavaScript is running when you start or stop profiling.

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