Online Access to Source Code

Since its launch in 2003, the Government Security Program (GSP) has provided governments and international organizations with the ability to access and inspect source code for a variety of Microsoft products. The Online Source offering provides access through our Code Center Premium (CCP) web site to the GSP participant’s premises. Using two-factor authentication and an encrypted connection, the Online Source offering enables access to product source code such as Windows, Office, SharePoint Server, and Exchange Server. The site provides read-only access and a debugger that can be used to review code.

The Online Source offering and CCP site enable GSP participants to evaluate individual system component functions, component interaction, and security and reliability capabilities. For example, CCP enables agencies to search source code trees as well as step through source code in a debugger, set breakpoints on routines and source lines, and examine variables and data structures in their source layout form. In advance of going to a Transparency Center, an agency may wish to review code in CCP to acquaint itself with it and therefore improve the value of visits and most efficiently use time at the Transparency Center.


Example cases of Online Source:

  • Check code for specific assurance questions
  • Examine specific function calls in source code
  • As a reference to understand how a feature or function works

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