The Services Hub Dashboard

The Services Hub dashboard allows you to stay on top of issues so you can resolve them faster. By aggregating key data points and support information in one location, the dashboard offers you unprecedented access to all your essential Microsoft services and support details.

Dashboard Overview

View your case data and see how you're using services and technologies through support trends.

Be proactive, prevent issues, and see suggestions to help you achieve more in the Action Center.

Quickly reference your support contacts.

Find the services closest to your city or zip code to see what is near you.

Contract and benefit usage data, support cases, and purchase data are available for certain roles.

Note: Contract data is be visible only to service admins, support contacts, and case owners.

Dashboard reference guide

Dashboard Image 1

Quick Summary

  1. From the main menu bar at the top, you can access all the Services Hub’s features.
  2. Access the help menu, knowledge base articles, and your profile details by clicking on your Username.
  3. Quick access to your contact details.
  4. Track your active support requests.
  5. See the number of on-demand courses you’ve consumed.
  6. Review the total number of support requests you’ve logged.
  7. View the number of services you’ve consumed.
  8. Quickly contact your internal and Microsoft contacts.
  9. Analyze your support trends.
  10. Evaluate your proactive service trends.
  11. Action Center: Receive critical alerts to help you stay ahead of tasks.
  12. Detailed list of your support requests.
  13. Shortcut to your available services.

Detailed summary

The Services Hub dashboard primary navigation bar provides access to all the Services Hub features.


You Username provides access your profile, help content, and other info:

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About Services Hub

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Help documentation

Want to learn more about the Services Hub? Explore or knowledge base articles to get the most out of Services Hub.


Access the details of your contract or get a list of the services available to you from the contract tile.

Active support requests

Easily monitor the number of active support requests you have from the "Active support requests" tile.

Learning on-demand courses consumed

Track the number of learning on-demand courses you have consumed from the "Learning on-demand courses consumed" tile.

Total support requests

See the total number of logged support requests from the Total support requests tile

Total consumed services

Review the number of services you have consumed from the Total consumed services tile.

Support contacts

Quickly toggle between your support contacts, internal and Microsoft from the "Support contacts tile." View all shows a full list of contacts and provides a way to invite others to this specific Services Hub workspace.


Manage your support requests from the Support tile. You can see all your requests sorted by product and quickly contact Microsoft support.

View your proactive services trends to get a quick summary of the services you have consumed, purchased services, and explore the services available to you.

Action Center

The Action Center has two tabs, Act Now and Upcoming.

Act Now provides the following information:

  • Critical alerts: Derived from your on-demand assessments these alerts notify you of issues that need your immediate attention.
  • Recommended for you: Based on the products you indicated are important to you in your profile the Action Center will suggest services that are relevant to your interests.
  • Upcoming: Provides you with a list of recommended services based on the interests you selected when you set up your profile.

Note: The number next to the "Action Center" title refers to number of recommended services and the "View all" link takes you to the complete of services.

Open support requests

Get a detailed look at your currently open support requests.

Available Services

Available Services provides two tabs: On-Demand and Upcoming.

On-Demand: Quickly find your latest on-demand assessment results here. Upcoming: This displays a list of the services you have signed up for.

For general feedback on the Resource Center or content, please submit your response to UserVoice. For specific requests and content updates regarding the Services Hub, contact our Support Team to submit a case.