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For details on the dashboard features, see Getting started with Services Hub Dashboard.


The Services Hub Contract Details page provides a quick look into your Microsoft contract and benefits including what you've purchased, important contacts, and even a look into the on-demand education you and your team have consumed. This information can be accessed by clicking Contract in the Services Hub. This is an overview of the information found on the Services Hub Contract Details page.

Contract Details

The Contract Details page contains the details of your services contract, including the contract benefits currently available, the amount you've consumed, and your Microsoft representative's contact information.


This section provides details about the response time for your Microsoft Support service tickets.

What did you purchase?

This section contains your Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Customer Support Manager contact information. Core Support Contracts list a Service Account Coordinator who is your point of contact.

Available Services

This is a list of available services included in your service contract. While in the Services Hub, please take a moment and navigate to each section to familiarize yourself with the available services provided.

Manage Users

This section of the Services Hub provides you a way to invite others from your organization to use the Services Hub and a way to share your workspace with them.

Note: Your Services Admin can manage who is allowed to contact Microsoft for support by designating support contacts.

Shared Files

This is a location where your Microsoft representative can share files with you related to your Support Contract.


Support Requests

This section of the Services Hub allows you to track your open and closed support cases.

Contract Support

This section of the Services Hub provides Technical Account Manager contact information to help answer questions about your support agreement or other non-critical problems, as well as ways to configure your support account, a method to reach out to the Services Hub team, and to access help documentation.


Services provides a central location in the Services Hub for many of the benefits and tailored resources provided through your support contract.

The Services tab displays four types of services: Recommended, Included, History, and Catalog.

  • Recommended: Personalized services based on your support contract.
  • Included: All the services included in your contract.
  • History: The services you've used, historically.
  • Catalog: All the services available through the Services Hub, including services included in your contract and those you can purchase.


The Health tab provides access to your critical alerts, the Update Center, your active assessments, and to start a new assessment.

Critical alerts

Shown on this page is a list of the critical alerts you should be tracking.

Update Center

The Update Center provides new and updated product information and allows you to follow the products that you're most interested in. On the Update Center can also sign up for events to learn more about Microsoft products and monitor product lifecycles.

For more information, see Getting started with Update Center.


This is an entry point to the on-demand assessments you are running.

Assessments help you optimize the availability, security, and performance of your Microsoft technology investments. These assessments use Microsoft Azure Log Analytics, which is designed to give you simplified IT and security management across your environment.

For more information, see Getting started with on-demand assessments.


The learning section of the Services Hub is an entry point into the various learning Microsoft product and service learning opportunities available to you. Stay current on the technologies of your choice with unique learning experiences.

  • Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Stay current and improve the knowledge of your IT staff.
  • Practical knowledge and best practices derived from field and support experts.
  • Learning experiences include instructor video presentations, webcasts, and virtual interactive labs.
  • Unlimited access to content for all users including hands-on labs.
  • Lecture quizzes encourage retention and understanding.
  • Classroom-like experience but available on-demand.
  • Take workshops, labs, and watch webcasts and videos whenever and whenever you want.


This page lists the instructor-led workshops available to you.

This page lists the learning opportunities that the Services Hub recommends to you based on the information you provide in your profile.


This page lists the webcasts available, what you've registered for, and webcasts that are coming soon.


You user name provides access your profile, help content, and other important info that the Services Hub uses to help tailor your experience.

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