Ignore recommendations for On-Demand Assessments

If you have recommendations that you want to ignore, you can create a text file that Azure Monitor will use to prevent recommendations from appearing in your assessment results.

To identify recommendations that you will ignore

Use log analytics to create queries and analyze log data in Azure Monitor by clicking Logs in the Azure Monitor menu in the Azure portal. Use the following query to list recommendations that have failed for computers in your environment.

WindowsClientAssessmentRecommendation | where RecommendationResult == "Failed"

Choose recommendations that you want to ignore. You’ll use the values for RecommendationId in the next procedure.

To create and use an IgnoreRecommendations.txt text file

  1. Create a file named IgnoreRecommendations.txt.

  2. Paste or type each RecommendationId for each recommendation that you want Azure Monitor to ignore on a separate line and then save and close the file.

  3. Put the file in the output directory of the assessment on each computer where you want Azure Monitor to ignore recommendations.

    Working Directory\Assessment folder

## To verify that recommendations are ignored After the next scheduled health check runs, by default every seven days, the specified recommendations are marked Ignored and will not appear on the dashboard.

  1. You can use the following log queries to list all the ignored recommendations.
WindowsClientAssessmentRecommendation | where RecommendationResult == "Ignored"
  1. If you decide later that you want to see ignored recommendations, remove any IgnoreRecommendations.txt files, or you can remove RecommendationIDs from them.

Note: Ignore recommendations only work for Recommendations and not for Prerequisites.

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