Getting Started with the Update Center

The Update Center provides new and updated product information and allows you to follow the products that you're most interested in. On the Update Center, you can also sign up for events to learn more about Microsoft products and monitor product lifecycles.

You can access the Update Center by clicking on Health in the menu bar.

Office 365 Roadmap

Follow specific Microsoft Office 365 updates to receive notifications that make it easy to track what matters most to you.

Note: To follow an update, click the star at the bottom of the update details.

To view the updates, you're following in the Update Center, select Following.

Register for Office 365 Webcasts

To learn about what's new and upcoming, register for a webcast.

Note: Additional products will be added to the roadmap over time.

Product Updates

To make it easy for you to track updates and product lifecycle information, use the Product Update feature. Products you tag in your profile appear here.

Azure Roadmap

You can get to the Azure Roadmap by clicking Health, Update Center, then Azure Roadmap.

Never again miss critical information on the latest training for Azure. You can find news and information about all things Azure in one place and get notifications about what is most important to you.

  1. Select your Products.

  2. Select your Time Frame.

  3. Select your Type.

  4. Click follow on the items you would like to be notified about.

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