Update Center FAQs

Q. What's the Product Update Center?
A. Product Updates help you stay connected and current on lifecycle information for the Microsoft products that are of the greatest interest to you. These updates help you discover new and updated product information and follow products for changes in release information.

Q. What kind of product updates are included?
A. All commercial Microsoft products are included in the list.

Q. How will I get notified of any changes to the products?
A. If you are following a product, a notification will appear on the Services Hub notification tab when changes occur.

Q. How often is the product update list refreshed?
A. The list is updated every 24 hours.

Q. Who can I talk to about the product updates?
A. Contact your Microsoft representative for questions regarding product updates.

Q. What do I do if I need an extension of the product update expiration date?
A. The lifecycle of a product is governed by the Microsoft Lifecycle policy.

Q. How do I add a product to the list in the Update Center?
A. On the Product Update page, click on the + symbol and enter the name of your product. Next, select the product version from the dropdown list, and click Add.

Q. How do I add a product to view the Update Center Product Update page?
A. If you don’t see a product listed, it may no longer be supported. For more information, check the following resources:

Q. What is the Office 365 Roadmap?
A. The Update Center helps you stay connected and current on Office 365 with personalized updates. The roadmap makes it easier to discover new and updated product information, get Microsoft product updates and features as they become available, follow products for changes in release information, and sign up for events to learn more about Microsoft products.

Q. What happens if I register for an event from the Office 365 Roadmap?
A. You will be sent an email invitation with instructions on how to attend.

Q. What does it mean to follow an item on the Office 365 Roadmap?
A. When you click Follow, you'll receive an email when there are changes to the products you follow.

Q. How can I unfollow an item on the Office 365 Roadmap?
A. Just click on the star symbol to under the product description area to stop following it.

Q. What does the Follow menu do?
A. The Follow Menu shows you all the updates that you're following.

Q. What if I do not see a product, how can I add it?
A. If you don't see a product listed, you may add it from the product filter. If you cannot locate a product open a support incident. Click Support, then Contact Support. Next, click Microsoft Services Hub team to open a support request.

Q. Will you be adding the Azure roadmap to the Services Hub Update Center?
A. We might in the future.

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