Shared Files FAQS

Q. What types of files can my Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) share with me on the Services Hub?
A. Many file types can be shared on the Services Hub with your Microsoft representative and your company's Services Admin, including Cloud Service Dependency Mapping documents, Executive Reviews, Major Incident Response Plans, Microsoft Change Management Plans, Monthly Service Reviews, and Plan Reviews.

Q. Who can see the files shared on the Services Hub?
A. Any registered user of the Services Hub workspace can see the files shared. Only Microsoft-authenticated users can upload files.

Q. What do I do if I don't want files shared on the Services Hub from my Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) to my company's services admin? A. You can contact your CSAM to request not to share your files or remove files at any time.

Q. Does this replace other places in which I usually get files shared from my CSAM?
A. No; this is not a replacement for official tools used by Microsoft that you are used to. It is designed to be a central location for files that previously did not have an official way of being shared.

Q. Can I restrict who can see the shared files on the Services Hub?
A. No; everyone will be able to view posted files.

Q. How do I remove a file from the Shared Files?
A. To remove a file from Shared Files, click Remove.

Q. Who is notified when files are uploaded in Services Hub file sharing?
A. The Services Hub doesn't send notifications when files are uploaded in file sharing.

Q. Who can upload or share files?
A. Any account that has access to the workspace can upload files.

Q. How can I provide a file to a subset of customer users?
A. No; you cannot limit people who have access to a workspace to see files at this time.

Q. Can customers upload files?
A. Not at this time. Only members of the Microsoft team can upload files.

Q. What document types are allowed to be shared?
A. Files should only be shared from authorized Microsoft representatives to the Services Admin for deliverables or other information that would be transferred as part of their delivery obligations.

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