Getting Started with the Microsoft Services Hub

The Microsoft Service Hub is a support portal that provides visibility into all of your Microsoft products and services, tailored training and support resources, and solution monitoring to efficiently help prevent and resolve issues.

Each feature of the Services Hub has been crafted with three core principals in mind:


Save time

Achieve more


Access the latest technical guidance anywhere you go

  • Access the latest Microsoft services and scheduled events available in your area.

  • Unlimited use of on-demand education to improve the knowledge of your IT staff

  • Plan for product updates using Services Hub Update Center and prepare to take advantage of new capabilities

  • Use self-service capabilities to expedite and complete administrative tasks on your terms

Save time

Proactively prevent issues with expert guidance

  • Prevent and manage risks using a new suite of self-service assessment tools, providing ongoing analysis of your critical workloads

  • Get notified of pertinent risks so you can prevent them from turning into problems

  • Receive recommendations tailored* to your specific needs to make it easier to prioritize and plan for improvements

Achieve more

Maximize the value of your Microsoft investment

  • One location to access all your support tools and resources

  • Collaborate with Microsoft experts on maximizing the value of your Microsoft investment

  • Get crucial information about your support cases, contracts, and personalized service recommendations

  • The most secure and efficient way of sharing data with your Microsoft Support Engineer to resolve your issues faster

Services Hub features at-a-glance

Services and Support Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to stay on top of issues so you can resolve them faster by aggregating key data points and support information and displaying it one easy to access location. You be able to see the following...

  • View your case data and see how you're using services and technologies through support trends

  • Proactively, prevent issues, and see suggestions to help you achieve more in the Action Center

  • Reference your support contacts

  • Find the services closest to your city or zip code to see what is near you

  • Review contract and benefit usage data, support cases, and purchase data are available for certain roles

Contract Benefits

For the first time review your contract detail online in the Services Hub. You'll be able to review the following information...

  • Access to your support and contract benefits plus current consumption details

  • Add members from your team or organization to join your Services Hub workspace

  • View files your Microsoft technical account manager shares with you such as Major Incident Response plan

  • Review open or closed support incidents

  • For more information see Getting Started with Contract Benefits.

On-demand Assessments

Proactively manage the health of your IT environments with on-demand assessments that you can configure to the specific needs of your environment.

  • Predict and prescribe helpful next steps to improve your environments

  • Proactively alert you of highly-critical issues before they have negative impact

  • Provide prioritized recommendations ranked by business impact, probability, and scope of work involved

  • Always-on to help you stay secure and optimized

  • Run on your schedule

  • For more information read our assessments knowledge base articles.

Unlimited Learning

The Services Hub helps you stay current and improve your expertise by recommending workshops, labs, and webcasts. All of your learning options are located in a central location to ensure you don't miss out on the latest educational opportunities.

  • Provides unlimited user-usage of all learning

  • See new content added monthly from Microsoft and industry conferences

  • Take virtual Labs on the go for learning on-demand

  • For more information read our learning knowledge base articles.

Microsoft Services Catalog

Services Hub connects you to the services you need by providing insight into the services available to you. You be able to see recommended and included services as well as the entire catalog and all of the trainings you take are logged so you easily find them again.

  • View prioritized services based on your profile preferences, including your role and technology interests

  • Search Microsoft Catalog Online with latest updates

  • Check seats left and local services near you

  • See what your delivery team or Microsoft experts recommend for each of your users

  • Filter services by your interest

  • Connect with your Microsoft representative for more info or to schedule a service

  • For more information read our services knowledge base articles.

Service Hub Update Center

Stay connected and current with personalized updates about your Microsoft products.

  • Discover new and updated product information, and follow products of greatest interest to you

  • Follow products for changes in release information

  • Sign-up for events to learn more about Microsoft products

  • Easily monitor product lifecycles

  • Set preferences to ensure you receive the info relevant to your interests

*Recommendations are based on the information customers provide in their Services Hub user profile.

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