Registering with the Services Hub

Registering with Services Hub and an overview of how the Services Hub manages accounts

Services Hub recognizes two different types of Microsoft user account

Work or School accounts

(also known as Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts, Office 365 accounts or Org ID accounts)

These are set up by your organization's IT department to be used for both on-premises and cloud applications. If your organization uses Work or School accounts you will be able to use this account to sign in to Services Hub.

Personal accounts

(also known as Microsoft Accounts or an MSA)

These are set up by individual users and used to sign into several Microsoft services such as OneDrive and the Microsoft store. Services Hub does not support sign in via personal accounts. Customers that are unable to sign in via work accounts must contact our support team for assistance.

Services Administrator Registration Quick Steps

  1. Complete registration in your customized email (cannot be forwarded)

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Invite Users to join Services Hub.

    • Click on the Services Hub> Contract> Manage Users links, enter one or more email address and click invite. You can use a comma delimited file to do bulk invitations.
  4. After a Service Users has registered you may designate who will be Support Contacts.

    • To do this click on Services Hub> Contract> Manage Users, and locate the user(s) you wish to make a support contact; privileges can be set:
      • On to enable
      • Off to disable


When you navigate to Services Hub you'll be prompted to sign in.

When you click on the "Sign in" link you will be taken to the following account page.

Enter the email address or the phone number that is associated with your account, enter the password for that account, and click Sign in.

The Microsoft Services page will automatically determine if the account you specified is a Work or School account or if it is a Personal account. If the same email address is associated with both account types, you will be presented with the following page to allow you to determine which account you wish to use.

Once you have signed in you will be taken to the main page for your workspace. If the email address you used to sign into your account is not where you would like to receive notices from the Services Hub, be sure to update the email address for your profile by clicking on your name in the upper left, and then selecting Edit Profile.

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