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General How do users get access to the Services Hub website? All people with access to the Services Hub must be explicitly invited to have access to it.
General What is the Services Hub? The Services Hub is a website that gives Microsoft customers visibility into their Microsoft products and services, provides customized training and support resources, and solution monitoring to help prevent and resolve issues faster. For more information, see
General Is there a Secure version of the Services Hub? The Services Hub requires users to register with a work account and only those who are invited to the Services Hub may use it.
General How can I provide feedback about the Services Hub? To provide feedback, click your profile, select Share your idea, and follow the on-screen instructions.
General What type of accounts can be used to register? Customers are required to use their work email accounts to register with the Services Hub. For more information, see
General How do I invite users to Services hub? To learn how to add members of your team to the Services Hub, see
General What is Microsoft Unified Support? ​Microsoft Unified Support is a commercial support offering that covers every Microsoft product. Three paid support levels, plus a menu of add-ons, are designed to help customers get the most value from their Microsoft technology investment.
General How does Microsoft Unified Support help customers? ​Microsoft Unified Support provides customers with as needed 24×7 phone support for urgent technical issues, access to a team of support engineers ready to offer expert guidance, and a comprehensive online portal where they can control their support experience.
General Where can we find the demo video of services hub? Watch videos about Services Hub features here:

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