Top Workspaces FAQs

Q. What is a workspace?
A. A workspace is a single location for tracking all the activities related to the health, roadmap, and learning materials associated with your contract.

Q: Do I need to login to each of my workspaces separately?
A. No. You can click your username then select the workspace you would like to open.

Q. Can I toggle between my workspaces?
A. Yes. You can click your username then select the workspace you would like to open.

Q. I was told I have limited contacts. Does this limit how many users can be invited to the Services Hub?
A. There is no limit on how many users you can invite to a workspace. Your agreement includes several features like access to the Learning Campus which are available for your entire organization through the Services Hub.

Q. Who has access to a workspace?
A. Anyone who has been invited to a workspace has access.

Q. How do I invite someone to my workspace?
A. Only the Services Admin and Microsoft Technical Account Managers have the ability to invite people to a workspace.

Q. Can I have more than one workspace?
A. At this time you are limited to one workspace per agreement.

Q. Can I send information between workspaces?
A. Information is not shared between workspaces.

Q. Can I copy the configuration of an assessment and bring it into another workspace?
A. Not at this time.

Q. How secure are my workspaces
A. They are password-protected.

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