Services Hub Releases

April 2020

Updated Learning experience within the Services Hub

Learning within the Services Hub has been updated to enable new scenarios and improve the overall experience. This update builds on top of the capabilities of the Learning Campus and provides a more inclusive and personal learning experience.

Learning Landing Page

The new Learning page is an experience that provides:

  • Easy access to learning items that you have been working on within Learning Campus as well as new Services Hub Learning Paths
  • A search experience that looks at content hosted within the Learning Campus as well as items from Microsoft Learn and the Services Hub
  • A downloadable Excel spreadsheet with the history of the courses you have taken
  • Recommended Learning courses personalized for you based on your preferences within Services Hub
  • Integration into the Services Hub and has greater user interface language support to match the comprehensive localization experience within the Services Hub

Cloud Success Plans

When moving services to Azure or Office 365, updating your IT processes to align to a Modern Service Management (MSM) approach is recommended. These services, Modern Service Management capability Assessment for Azure and Office 365, will help you assess your current cloud operations leading to an actionable roadmap. In addition, you will receive plans for how to manage Major Incidents for your cloud service, and an understanding of change management in Azure or Office 365 to assist you in achieving cloud success. Take the MSM Azure or O365 Survey from the Services Hub On-Demand Assessment page, schedule a delivery and get a detailed plan to Cloud Success.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Better define service ownership and accountability through identification of critical Azure or Office 365 service dependencies
  • Prepare for response to a Major Incident and plan for changes to your Azure or Office 365 service
  • Assess current state of operation and define next steps roadmap for cloud success with a Services Hub Plan

March 2020

On-Demand Assessments is available in FairFax - US Gov Arizona

Azure has now added FairFax - US Gov Arizona to the available regions. You can now upload your On-Demand Assessment data to FairFax - US Gov Arizona.

Contact your Microsoft representative for more information.

Time Range Filter in Log Analytics

As of March 13, 2020, you now have more control of your Assessment data in Log Analytics with our new Time Range Filter. Pick the date range that you want to see your Assessment data and it will show up in all UI views from the Overview page all the way down to the affected object detail page. If you have stored your data for longer than the default 31 days, you can now see that data in your regular views, as well as still on the logs page for all of your queries.

“Contact us” experience has changed in Services Hub

You can now report issues with the Services Hub site and provide feedback easily with the new Services Hub Support experience. Users click “Contact us” and will be presented with a form to simply submit the details of their issue.

Sign in to Services Hub using your registered email address; from the Operations Menu, select Help, then Contact us. Complete the Contact Services Hub Team form and click Submit.

Upon successful submission, a case will be created and you will receive an automated notification with case information.

Learn more at

New Manage Support Requests Experience Available

The initial phase of improvements for the Manage Support Requests page is now available. Users with support access will see the new experience.

You are now shown more information at-a-glance for each Support Request including status, and specifications. This information is available without the need to click through or expand the selection for a more intuitive and simplified experience.

They layout of the Support Request list has also been optimized to take advantage of the available page width in larger screen formats. Additional improvements will be available soon!

Implement Virtual Assistant on the Support Request Creation Experience

The Services Hub Virtual Assistant wants to help solve your issue without the need to wait for a live support engineer. During the Support Request creation process you will now be given the option to interact with a Virtual Assistant if one of a select group of products is chosen.

The Virtual Assistant tool has been customized to offer solutions for some specific issues that customers may face. By utilizing the Virtual Assistant you can get immediate help to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Add additional email addresses for Support Request communications during Support Request Creation

Keep everyone in the loop on important Support Requests. We've added the ability to add additional email addresses on Services Hub Support Requests. You can add individual users and distribution lists even if they are not registered users of the hub. This is a valuable way to keep interested parties informed by including them in the support request communications.

Take advantage of this feature during the Support Request creation Process on Services Hub. Add the desired email addresses to the new field "Non-Services Hub email address listed on this case".

Azure Solution Assessment available on Services Hub

We are happy to announce the availability of the Azure Solution Assessment on the Services Hub. The assessment is available for all Unified contracts and enabled upon purchase for Premier contracts. The Azure Solution Assessment will help assess your Azure environment against best practices and common pitfalls. The main focus of this assessment is to help:

  1. Tune Performance to maximize reliability, stability, and performance
  2. Understand key technical capabilities
  3. Operational practices

If you purchase the engagement from the catalog, a Microsoft Premier Field Engineering resource will help you understand the risks in your cloud solution infrastructure and how to tune it to achieve the reliability, stability, and performance features of the Microsoft Azure platform. This survey assessment will focus on capabilities and aspects of Azure and will recommend best practices in:

  1. Subscription Management
  2. Service Management
  3. Application Lifecycle Management
  4. Virtual Machines
  5. Networking
  6. Storage

View and add attachments on support request

File attachments are an integral part of many Support Requests. We have given support users more control over their Support Request details by adding an attachments view.

From the Support Request details page you can select the attachments tab to upload and view the list of attachments associated with the Support Request.

You can upload up to 5 attachments at a time. 1GB maximum per file. For large files such as log files or larger screen shots you will see a progress bar during the file upload to monitor the upload status.

February 2020

Additional Critical Situation information included on Services Hub Experience

Support request details have a new look! Details are now richer, and more understandable at-a-glance. The page is also more responsive and easier to use with assistive technologies.

In addition to improvements in the layout of support request details, you can now see additional information about cases marked as 'critical situation'.

Critical situation cases will be indicated with a unique alert icon and show additional information, including support summary and action plan, from within the support request details on the Services Hub.

Services Hub Learning Paths

Learning Paths within the Services Hub enable Unified Support customers to access enterprise support specific learning content that is only available with a Unified Support contract. These Learning paths provide an education experience with text, images and video, enabling a rich experience for learning new skills. Learners will be able to view, start and track their progress within the Learning Path. Learning Paths can be accessed through the Services Hub Learning Campus.

The recommended Learning content on the Services Hub home page is now available in 53 languages using Microsoft Translator. Available languages are translated in real-time, allowing users the ability to easily read all recommended Learning content on the home page in their selected language.

Visibility Management of Support Requests entered in the Azure and Microsoft 365 Support Portals

You can now more easily keep your organization informed about both cloud and on-premises Microsoft support requests with a new feature that enables you to share support requests entered in the Azure and Microsoft 365 support portals with other Services Hub users.

When visiting the Services Hub Manage Support Requests page, you will see a blue banner letting you know if Support Requests entered in the Azure and Microsoft 365 portals are hidden. It looks like this:

When clicking the “manage cloud support request visibility” link, a fly-out will appear on the right. From within the fly-out, you can manage the visibility of Support Requests entered in the Azure and Microsoft 365 support portals within Services Hub for those subscriptions and/or tenants you have access to.

If you don’t see the Azure or Microsoft 365 subscription you are looking for, make sure you are signed-in to Services Hub using your account with Azure Admin, Office Admin, or Azure Support contributor roles, then click “Check for more Resources”. This will query for additional subscriptions you have access to and display those results.

Add Attachments to Open Support Requests

Services Hub users with access to Support Requests can now add file attachments after the Support Request has been opened through the support request details page. This capability is in addition to the existing capabilities allowing users to add attachments to support requests during the initial creation process.

Services Hub is now accessible by design to help you and your organization be more productive and inclusive

We are excited to announce that the entire Services Hub experience has been retooled for accessibility! The changes made to Services Hub not only allow for ease of use with assistive technologies such as screen readers, but also provide an improved experience for all users. 

Improvements include:

  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • Contrast and color improvements 
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Input Focus
  • Page responsiveness
  • Alternate text descriptions

and many more...

We are committed to an ongoing effort for excellence in accessibility and are preparing for WCAG 2.1 compliance. Learn more about these web standards here:

At Microsoft, we aim to empower every person on the planet to achieve more with technology. We are revolutionizing access to technology for people living with disabilities, and the changes we've made to Services Hub helps get us one step closer to our goal.

Learn about Microsoft's commitment to accessibility here:

Support Requests for Products Only Covered by Extended Support Updates

When entering Support Requests for products that are only covered by the Extended Support Updates offering, the Services Hub will display a message guiding users to call Microsoft in order to take advantage of their support benefits.

Offline Assessments in Services Hub

Offline assessments that you purchase separately are now available on the Services Hub Assessments page. If you have high privacy restrictions and compliance processes where your data must remain at your facilities, offline assessments enable you to assess the health of your environment while maintaining all data at your facility. You may run the assessment on your own schedule.

January 2020

We now provide personalized and proactive recommendations on the Services Hub home page for both new, and trending services available.

New services are displayed based on when they were published and tagged as 'New' to indicate the status. Trending services are displayed based on the top booked and delivered services over the past six months and tagged as ‘Trending’. We also continue to display a link to Services Hub Release Notes for your convenience.

Machine translation of dynamic content on Services Hub home page

The Services Hub home page is now fully translated with the assistance of Microsoft Translator. This means users can read all home page content in their selected language, of the available languages on Services Hub, as it is now translated in real-time.

Support Request description content is now available in 53 languages with Microsoft Translator

The Services Hub Support Experience is using Microsoft Translator to enable users to easily view communications about the progress of their support request in 53 languages. Users can change the language of the support request description content by utilizing a toggle placed in the upper right corner of the support request details page. This allows viewing of the user-entered support request information in the original and translated language.

On-Demand Assessments now available in German with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text

We have implemented Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text on all On-Demand Assessments in German. We have also enabled its use on Log Analytics so that you can view content in that language by changing the language under user settings.

You can now get important updates and announcements on Services Hub home page! The updated banner will allow you to see the most important updates and announcements each time you log in to Services Hub. You can choose to scroll through the announcements or collapse the banner. Each announcement contains a call to action link that takes you to the appropriate related information or page within Services Hub.

Enhancements to Home Page Action Center Support tile

New data insights are now available on the Action Center Support tile. If you have permissions to view support requests, you can now see the total number of active support requests at the top of the Support tile. The number is also a link which takes you directly to the support requests page with the filter for open cases applied.

DevOps Capability Survey available on Services Hub

DevOps allows teams to accelerate the delivery of reliable products and services. This survey helps you improve your team’s DevOps efficiency and streamline feedback to developers so they can continuously improve their products. The DevOps Capability Survey will make recommendations about Microsoft best practices for continuous improvement of your DevOps capabilities to support quality deliveries.

For general feedback on the Resource Center or content, please submit your response to UserVoice. For specific requests and content updates regarding the Services Hub, contact our Support Team to submit a case.