Services Hub Releases: On-Demand Assessments

October 2019

Office 365 - Hybrid Configuration Assessment for Exchange

Business Productivity | Assessment Program

Many customers are moving to Office 365 and retaining their on-premises infrastructure in a hybrid configuration, bringing with it new technical and operational challenges. This service is designed to ensure your Exchange Hybrid deployment meets Microsoft’s best practice guidelines; providing you with a healthy, stable environment. The service is ideally suited for those who are in a pilot Exchange Hybrid deployment with some users already migrated to the cloud. The service can then enable you to resolve any potential issues in a proactive manner, before mass migrations take place. The service can also provide tremendous benefit to those who have completed their Hybrid deployment and migrations, especially those who have had a history of issues during the migration. Contact your Microsoft Representative for more information.

September 2019

There were no releases in this category during this month.

August 2019

Intune Survey available on Services Hub

Secure Infrastructure | On-Demand

The Intune Survey is now available within the Services Hub Assessments page. The Intune Survey focuses on operational aspects of your Intune deployment and provides you with recommendations on Microsoft's best practices for:

  • Supporting a diverse mobile ecosystem
  • Achieving IT efficiencies in the cloud
  • Protecting data with and without device enrollment
  • Implementing conditional access
  • App Installations
  • License Assignments

July 2019

On-Demand Assessment for Azure AD - Remote Delivery

Secure Infrastructure | On-Demand

The On-demand Assessment for Azure AD: Remote Engineer service has been released for Microsoft Unified Support customers. The assessment assesses risk across a broad range of Azure AD topic areas including identity and access management, governance, security, and operations.

On-Demand Assessment for Azure AD - Onsite Delivery

Secure Infrastructure | On-Demand

The On-demand Assessment for Azure AD: Onsite Engineer will allow Microsoft to make actionable and specific recommendations that take the technical and operational environment into consideration. Work with a Microsoft engineer to understand your results and develop a plan that limits risk and improves your environment.

Health Enablement Service for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Business Productivity | On-Demand

We are releasing a new type of subscription service targeting continual improvement for our Premier and Unified customers. The first service releasing in FY20 in this category is the Health Enablement Service (HES) for Microsoft Teams and Skype. The goal is to leverage this framework to provide continual improvement services for many technologies. This service has been envisioned as an evolution of our one-time assessment. Customer readiness has also been baked in as a part of this subscription which ultimately aims to promote health and drive consumption. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the Ready session.

On-Demand Assessment - Microsoft Azure

Secure Infrastructure | On-Demand

The On-Demand Assessment - Microsoft Azure is a cloud assessment that analyzes and provides guidance on operations, configuration and usage within Microsoft Azure. This assessment is recommended to help get the most out of your Microsoft Azure investment.

June 2019

There were no releases in this category during this month.

May 2019

On-Demand Assessment - Windows Server

Secure Infrastructure | On-Demand

The Windows Server Assessment comprises of 5 Technologies - Windows Server, Server Security, Hyper-V, Failover Cluster and IIS.

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