Services Admin/Global Admin


  • Services Admin is first to receive an email at contract start date and can delegate management to Global Admins
  • Invite users to Services Hub
  • Remove registered users from the Services Hub
  • Enable or disable the Support Contact role

Role Onboarding

1) Register

  1. In the Services Hub, click the "Support" menu and click "Contact Support."

  2. Complete your profile and explore the Resource Center.

2) Invite Users to Join

  1. In the Services Hub, click the "Contract" menu then click "Manager Users."

  2. Enter one or more work account emails to invite a user.

  3. Click "Invite."

  4. for bulk invites, upload a .csv file.

3) Designate Support contacts

  1. Click the "Contract" menu then click "Manage Users."

  2. From the list of registered users, slide the "Support Contact" button to on or off to manage a user's permissions to enter a support request.

4) Manage User Access

  1. In the Services Hub, click the "Contract" tab and then select "Contract" tab, then click "Manage Users."

  2. From the list of registered users, click the "remove" link to remove a user's access to the Services Hub.

Things to Know

  • Lost your email registration? Request a new one from your Microsoft Technical Account Manager or the Microsoft Account Coordinator team.
  • There are no limits on how many people you can invite.
  • Any registered Services Hub user can invite other users to the Services Hub.
  • Support Contact limits are based on your contract agreement.
  • An Azure Owner/Contributor (who is also a registered Services Hub user) grants acess to On-Demand Assessments.
  • There may be one or more Services Administrators set up in your contract.
  • Contact your Microsoft representative to change the designated Service Administrator role(s).
  • Changes to roles can take up to 2 hours to replicate.

Note: Microsoft representatives such as Technical Account Managers and Services Account Coordinators are first to be invited to the Services Hub and will configure the default workspace, and create additional workspaces as needed.

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