Support Contact


  • Create a request for support from Microsoft
  • Open and manage support requests that you own
  • Manage your support Access ID and password online for support request management

Role Onboarding

1) Register

  1. Click the registration link in your Services Hub Welcome email.

  2. On the sign-in page, enter your work email account credentials.

  3. Complete your profile and explore the Resource Center.

2) Validate Support Contact Access

  1. In Services Hub, click the "Management" tab, then click "Manage Users."

  2. Scroll down to the user's name and confirm the "Support contact" button is on or under "View," select "Support contacts" to see a list of Support contacts.

3) Open a Support Request

  1. In Services Hub, click the "Support" tab then click "Contact support."

  2. Click the "Open a support request" button.

4) View Support Requests

  1. In the Services Hub, click the "Support" tab and then select "Support requests."

  2. In the dashboard view, you will see your support trends by count, product, and summary.

Things to Know

  • You can only see the support request details of requests you opened or own.
  • To enter support requests for Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics, you will be redirected to the respected to the respective product support website.
  • To view support request details for Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics, navigate to the respective product support website.
  • Only the Services Admin or Microsoft representative can enable or disable a user's privilege to be a Support contact.
  • In order to open and view support requests your Services Hub account email must match the email already on record in Microsoft support systems.
  • The Contact Microsoft Support link will redirect you to:
  • You will be required to verify your account the first time you sign in including your Access ID and password.
  • You can reset your own password online for your Access ID if you are a support contact.
  • Contact the Services Hub support team for assistance:

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