Azure Subscription

A Microsoft Azure subscription is required to run a Services Hub Assessment. If your company doesn’t have a subscription, you can create one in the Services Hub. First, click Health and then select Assessments. Next, click the Pre-Configure Assessments button and then click Get an Azure Account (If you do not see the Get an Azure Account button then your company has an Azure subscription). This will create an email with instructions to send, to start the account creation process for an Azure sponsored subscription.

Choosing Your Azure Subscription

The no-cost subscription is intended to be used as a way to test and explore Services Hub On-Demand Assessments. Because of the limitations of the no-charge sponsored account, we encourage you to sign up for an Azure Free Trial. The no-charge Azure subscription has a $10 Cap annually per user request. This cost is covered by the Services Hub. You won’t experience charges if you only use this subscription to run assessments on the Services Hub.

Note: This Azure subscription can be used for other purposes, but you might hit the $10 cap which will deactivate the subscription. As this limit is approached, the owner of the Azure subscription will get an email notification.

Important Additional Information:

  • Services Hub Premier assessments are no-cost, but you might be charged for other Azure services you use.
  • You will be notified of any incremental costs as they occur.
  • The no-cost Azure account is valid for 1 year from the time of activation.
  • If you use other Azure services, you will be notified of usage cost.
  • The cost will not exceed your $10 USD annual limit. For support for Azure administration or billing, open a support incident at</a
  • There is no way to transfer data from a no-cost Azure subscription to another Azure subscription.
  • Subscriptions expire once the $10 cap is reached or after one year, whichever comes first.
  • Once an account has expired, you can roll it over to an Azure EA Agreement
  • Even if your free sponsored Azure subscription is added as part of your Enterprise Agreement (EA) there will be no charges for running On-Demand Assessment solutions as long as the workspace is in the free tier.
  • Running other solutions may incur the corresponding costs. See screenshots below to find where to confirm that the workspace is in the free tier (one in Azure Log Analytics which is retiring soon and one in the Azure portal).

Finding Azure Log Analytics Data Plan Settings In Azure Portal

From the Azure Log Analytics Portal, navigate to the menu and select **Pricing tier** under General section.


The first 5GB of data ingested per customer to the Azure Log Aanlytics service every month is offered free and every GB of data ingested into your Azure Log Analytics workspace is retained at no charge for the first 31 days.

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