Security and Performance

The articles in this section show you how to improve the security and performance of your SharePoint sites. The following table lists the articles that are included.

Article Shows you how to use the add-in model to
Authorize provider-hosted add-in users at run time Provide authorized access to SharePoint resources by using OAuth in provider-hosted apps at run time.
Authorization considerations for tenants hosted in the Germany, China or US Government environments When your Office 365 tenant is hosted in an specific environment like the Germany, China or US Government environments then you'll need to take this in account when you're developing against your tenant.
Cross-domain images in SharePoint provider-hosted add-ins Use images across domains in provider-hosted apps.
Elevated privileges in SharePoint Add-ins Use the app-only policy or service accounts to elevate privileges in SharePoint Add-ins.
How to provide add-in app only tenant administrative permissions in SharePoint Online. Granting tenant permissions for app-only authorization requires some changes to the regular app-only authorization setup.
Set external sharing in Office 365 Allow external users to access your site collection.
Handle SharePoint Online throttling Learn how to handle throttling in SharePoint Online by using the exponential back-off technique.
JavaScript Patterns and Performance Learn which JavaScript techniques you can use to improve your add-in performance.

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