SharePoint site provisioning solutions

The samples described in this section show you how to use provider-hosted add-ins to perform common site provisioning tasks such as site classification, creating content types, and managing permissions and users. The articles in this section will help you get started with and walk you through the primary scenarios that each sample illustrates.

Article Sample Shows you how to...
Implement a SharePoint site classification solution Core.SiteClassification Implement a site classification solution and leverage site policies to improve search optimization.
Modify SharePoint host web lists at creation time Core.EventReceiversBasedModifications Modify a SharePoint list created in the host web at the time the list is created.
Create SharePoint content types by using CSOM Core.SPD Use an inherited content type identifier to create a new content type on the Office 365 platform, preserving all its existing properties.
Modify SharePoint site permissions and get external sharing status Core.SitePermissions Modify properties of site collection administrators using CSOM code and get the external sharing status and external users of a site collection or tenant.
Manage SharePoint users and groups Core.GroupManagement Manage users, groups, and permissions within a SharePoint site collection.

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