XYZ in the SharePoint Add-in model


  • Need to Provide context and short introduction how the capability was done using FTC
  • Summary is really important to keep small and crisp, so that we get the context of the article.

Why would you customize XYZ?

This section contains the following information:

  • Guidelines
    • Sub bullet example
  • Summary
  • Example

Challenges applying XYZ customizations

Let’s start with defining what is the challenge and what are we trying to solve here.

Sample Image

Sample image alt text

This section contains the following information:

  • Challenges
  • Different options for applying customization

This section contains the following information:

  • Options
  • Office 365 suite level settings

This section contains the following information:

  • Describe the option
  • Include a diagram if it makes sense
  • Show an example of when this option works well
  • Point out any technical notes about this option

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Applies to

  • Office 365 Multi Tenant (MT)
  • Office 365 Dedicated (D) partly
  • SharePoint 2013 on-premises – partly

Need to know all the possible choices we can have here and the exact names for them.

Patterns for Dedicated and on-premises are identical with SharePoint Add-in model techniques, but there are differences on the possible technologies which can be used.

Are there any other standard notes like this we might use across articles?