Using library component type in SharePoint Framework

Library component type enables you to have independently versioned and deployed code, which is served automatically for the SharePoint Framework components with a deployment through app catalog. Library component provides you alternative option to create shared code, which can be then used and referenced cross all the components in the tenant.


This feature is currently in preview and is subject to change. It is not currently supported for use in production environments. Your feedback and input around this capability is welcome using the SharePoint Dev Docs issue list.

You can create a library component solution by selecting Component Type to be Library in the Yeoman solution creation flow. During the preview, you will need to execute Yeoman packages using the --plusbeta option to be able to see this option.

    yo @microsoft/sharepoint --plusbeta

Library components have following characteristics:

  • You can only host one library component version at the time in a tenant
  • It is not supported to have other component types included in a solution which contains library component
  • You will need to reference library component type during development time from a package manager or using npm link to be able to bundle solutions which are dependent on it

You can reference library component dependency in the SharePoint solution by defining the dependency in the package.json file. When this kind of dependency exists in a solution package, SharePoint will automatically load the dependent component for the page. If library reference is not resolved, that can cause an exception in the component which was referring it.