Site permissions after Microsoft 365 group connection

As part of the connection to a Microsoft 365 group the site's permissions will also be connected to the Microsoft 365 group's permissions. This process will not take away any granted permission on the SharePoint site, but will allow the Microsoft 365 group owners and members to have access to the connected SharePoint site.

  • The Microsoft 365 group Owners get connected to both the site collection administrators as the site owners group: everyone who’s Microsoft 365 group owner also has site collection admin permissions on the SharePoint site
  • The Microsoft 365 group members get connected to the site members group: everyone who’s Microsoft 365 group member is has the permissions which are granted to the SharePoint site’s Members group
  • Any other permissions granted on the SharePoint site stay as is (so for example viewers will still have view access, broken permission inheritance stays working as is,…)
  • Permissions “flow” from the Microsoft 365 group to SharePoint: adding a person to the Office 365 Owners group will also make that person an Owner (even Administrator) of the SharePoint site
  • There a no permissions “flowing back” to the Microsoft 365 group: if you add a person to the SharePoint Owners group then that person is not an Owner of the group

Site permissions after group connection

Technical implementation

Each Microsoft 365 group has an unique id represented as a guid (e.g e79452da-a8cf-47c5-afbf-83c8704867c2). This guid is used to construct 2 claims:

  • e79452da-a8cf-47c5-afbf-83c8704867c2_o: this claim represents the Microsoft 365 group owners
  • e79452da-a8cf-47c5-afbf-83c8704867c2: this claim represents the Microsoft 365 group members

These claims are added to the SharePoint site according to below logic:

  • The e79452da-a8cf-47c5-afbf-83c8704867c2 claim (so the Microsoft 365 group members) is added as a visible principal to the site's members group having as title your site's name
  • The e79452da-a8cf-47c5-afbf-83c8704867c2_o claim (so the Microsoft 365 group owners) is added as hidden principal to the site's owners group and site collection administrators

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