Classic usage and popularity reports to be discontinued


Classic usage and popularity reports are in the process of being removed and will no longer be available after August 7, 2020. Instead, users will be able to find site usage data through the modern Site Usage report. The data that's represented in the modern Site Usage report includes data from both classic and modern sites.

The popularity reports provide historical data for a period of three years about the usage of your sites, site collections, document libraries, folders, and items. To understand these reports better, review View Popularity Trends and Most Popular Items.

What will happen to the existing data?

The data from the classic popularity reports will not be available after August 7, 2020. If it's required, you can download and save historical data from these reports before August 7, 2020. To learn more about downloading the classic usage reports in Excel, please refer to our support article.

Note: This exercise will affect only the existing classic usage reports. The search reports available in the same location would not be affected as part of this exercise.

Where can I find my data in the future?

Site usage data for classic sites will no longer be available in popularity reports starting on August 8, 2020. Instead, you can get site usage data from the modern Site Usage page. The modern Site Usage page will also start supporting the download of data in Excel before the classic reports are removed.

To get usage reports for individual items (list items, documents), you can use the GetItemAnalytics Graph API.

To see the page, select Site settings > Popularity trends > Usage. You can access usage data for the last 90 days.

Usage data on the modern Site Usage page may not exactly match the classic popularity reports. Learn more about the modern Site Usage page.

In Office 365, modern site usage reports are supported for worldwide production environments and the reports are not supported for some special cloud deployments. Therefore, customers who use Gallatin (operated by 21Vianet), GCC High or DoD environments cannot access the modern site usage page or the GetItemAnalytics API.

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