A SharePoint 2013 workflow in SharePoint Online doesn't complete when the list workflow is run at the Style Library


When you run a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 workflow that's associated with the Style Library in Microsoft SharePoint Online, you experience the following behavior:

  • The status of the workflow returns an internal status of Suspended.
  • The workflow doesn't complete.


To work around this issue, disable automatic updating of the workflow status to the current stage name. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the affected workflow in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013.

  2. On the Workflow Settings page for the workflow, clear the Automatically update the workflow status to the current stage name check box.

    Uncheck automatically update option in Workflow settings page

  3. Save the workflow, and then and publish it to the SharePoint website.

  4. Run the workflow again.

More information

This error occurs because the Style Library list requires you to check out items. You expect that the "update status" action within the workflow will perform this operation. However, it does not.

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