Setting up the Egnyte source connector


The legacy tool no longer supports Egnyte connectors. Use Migration Manager for migrating from Egnyte.

Egnyte FAQ

What is different about Egnyte?

Unlike other cloud storage providers, Egnyte has a Shared folder and a Private folder. When migrating from Egnyte, our app defaults to the Private folders when autocompleting the user to user migration setup.

How will my paths look when Egnyte is my source?

During the migration setup (described later in this guide), you can edit the path(s) to specify where in Egnyte you want the data to go. From the root level of Egnyte, you can go into /Private that lists the individual users and their data, or /Shared which is the main shared data repository.

Most cloud storage providers, Egynte, for example, start the listing with a user such as / data. Egnyte does not do this, so you would be looking at a path such as /Shared/marketing data if it's a Shared folder, or /Private/example/marketing data if it's a Private folder.

Authorizing Egnyte (Multi-User)

Authorizing Egnyte as an administrator is straightforward. To authorize or add a Multi-User Egnyte account as a connector, follow these steps.


You MUST be an Administrator. A non-administrator does not work.

  1. In the Transfer Wizard, select Authorize New Connector.

Clear auth

  1. In the Connector list, find Egnyte.
  2. Select Authorize.

Egnyte connector list auth

  1. A new window (tab) opens. Name your Connector <optional>.

  2. Provide the Egnyte domain, for example, if your Egnyte domain is, enter "company name".

Name connector Egnyte

  1. Select Authorize.

  2. If you are not already logged in, use either your Egnyte credentials or an SSO account.

Log into grant access to Egynte

  1. To grant our app access to your Egnyte Account, select Allow Access.

Grant access to Egnyte

Egnyte permission requirements

Our app requires an Administrator for authorization. The following table lists the scopes we require:

Permission (Details) Allows our app to...
Create and manage bookmarks Access and migrate bookmark data.
View and manage folder permissions Access and create folder permission.
View and manage groups View all groups under in the available Egnyte Directory.
View and manage users View, edit, and manage users under the available Egnyte Directory.
Generate audit reports Generate and view reports available in the Egnyte Report Center.
Create and manage links Create and manage internal links.
Read and write all files and folders View, edit, copy and paste, all data from within the Egnyte-available Directories.

Connecting your source Egnyte account

If you aren't already connected after you have authorized your source, select Egnyte, and load the connector. An icon appears, and show you how many users you are migrating.

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