Setting up your source: Google Cloud Storage Connector

Authorizing Google Cloud Storage is straightforward. To authorize or add a Google Cloud Storage account as a Connector, follow these simple steps:

  • First, you'll need to log in to your Google Cloud Platform Dashboard/Console.
  • From there, go to Storage and then Settings and Interoperability. From here, you can see your storage buckets, and which one is set to default.
  • Click on Create a new key. These are the credentials you'll use in the app in the next steps.

Enabling Interoperability in Google Cloud

  1. In the Transfer Wizard click Authorize New Connector.

Auth New Connector

  1. Find Google Cloud Storage in the Connector list.
  2. Click Authorize.

Google Cloud Connector List

  1. A new window (tab) will open. Name your Connector (Optional).
  2. Enter your Access Key & Secret Key (which you created in the previous steps), as well as your Project ID (if different from the default).

Google Cloud Name Connector

  1. Click Authorize again.


Google Cloud Nearline: Once you've authorized a Google Cloud Storage Connector, you simply have to create a Nearline bucket the same way you would a regular storage bucket. Click here to read more in Google's support docs.