Release Notes: New and improved features in the SharePoint Migration Tool

Learn about the new features and updates to existing features in SharePoint Migration Tool, Version 1.1.901.


The new V2 beta release is now available for download. To install the new V2 beta release, download it here: SharePoint Migration Tool V2 Beta release


To install the current release download here: SharePoint Migration Tool Version

New features

The following features have been added to SharePoint Migration Tool, Version 1.1.901.

Feature Description
Allow migration of 0 bytes files
Files will be migrated even if they are of zero bytes.
Computer names column
A column containing the name of the computers running the migration job has been added to the report.
Support of incremental check on target environment
In SharePoint Online, an incremental check of the target environment will be performed. If the modified time of the source file is earlier than the modified time of the target file, the file will not be migrated.


In addition to a number of minor fixes, here are the primary improvements made in this release:

Issue Fix
General improvements have been made to remove some errors in tool.
Permissions fixes
We have made several improvements to better preserve the permission when requested and not removing existing permission in the destination.
Warnings when files are checked out
Users will now have warning messages appear in the tool when attempting to migrate a file that was checked out.
Report when performing only a scan
The FilesReport.csv file will now show the correct results when only scanning option is turned on.

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