SPMT supported features


The SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) supports the migration of the following locations and features:

On-premises fileshares

  • Local and network fileshares

SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016

Supported Description Additional info
File, folder, list items Supports migration of files, folders, and lists. Supported list templates
Permissions Separate settings are available to set file share permissions and the SharePoint on-premises permissions. File & Folder Permissions
Versions We will preserve your file history, as determined by you. SPMT Settings
Managed Metadata & Taxonomy SPMT supports the migration of content types and term stores. Global term store migration requires global tenant admin permissions.
Navigation & icons Site navigation for out of box sites is preserved and migrated
Site features We support an extensive number of site features SPMT supported SharePoint site features
SharePoint web parts SPMT supports the migration of SharePoint web parts Full list of SPMT supported SharePoint web parts
Site migration SharePoint sites that are "out of the box"; sites that do not use any coding or third-party tools can be migrated
Site description Site descriptions can be migrated
Incremental Tasks can also be saved to be rerun at a later date, allowing you to move only those new or updated files in the source location.
Pages Pages in the site asset library
Microsoft Teams Users can select Teams and channels directly from the destination selection page.
Taxonomy migration By default, managed metadata migration is turned off, and taxonomy is updated in incremental rounds.


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For a detailed list of features available in each release of SPMT, please read Release Notes: SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)