AI Show | 2021 OpenCV AI Competition | Grand Prize Winners | Cortic Tigers | Episode 32

On this week's show, Seth welcomes grand prize winners of the 2021 OpenCV AI Competition. Satya Mallick from OpenCV is here with Ye Lu and Him Wai (Michael) Ng from Team Cortic Tigers, who will demo their award-winning project - Cortic Edge Platform (CEP) which aims to democratize AI for everyone!

Jump to:
[00:17] Welcome to the AI Show
[01:01] What is the OpenCV AI Competition
[03:15] 2021 Grand Prize Winner - Cortic Edge Platform (CEP) - allowing beginners and advanced programmers to start doing rapid AI prototyping
[05:21] CEP use cases
[10:01] Using Microsoft MakeCode to build CEP
[13:34] What's next from OpenCV AI 

Learn more:
OpenCV AI Competition https://opencv.org/opencv-ai-competition-2021/
Cortic Technology GitHub repo https://github.com/cortictechnology/cep
Shop the OAK-D camera 
Kickstarter campaign https://www.opencv.org/kickstarter

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