AI Show | AI for Birds

On this very special episode of the AI Show, Seth is joined by high-school student, Saumya Soni who is here to showcase her creation, AI for Birds - a phone app that bird enthusiasts can use to predict the bird species name and learn more about the species. AI for Birds showcases Cognitive Services with Microsoft Custom Vision AI. Saumya is also the CEO of AI for Environment, a nonprofit on a mission to use technologies including AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence to generate awareness of and solve global environmental challenges. Check it out!
Jump to:
[00:16] Seth welcomes Saumya Soni
[01:20] Inspiration for AI for Environment
[03:26] Demo - AI for Birds
[06:10] How Saumya got started
[08:36] Challenges training the model
[10:00] How AI and IoT can enhance environmental sustainability
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