AI Show | Automate Data Extraction from ID documents with Azure Form Recognizer | Episode 26

On this episode of the AI Show, Seth welcomes back Lu Zhang! Lu will walk us through how to use the new prebuilt model in Azure Form Recognizer to extract key-value pairs from ID documents like passport and US driver's license, using the REST APIs, SDKs or low-code/no-code in AI Builder.

Jump to:
[00:17]  Seth welcomes Lu Zhang
[00:29]  What is Form Recognizer?
[01:17]  What Form Recognizer does for ID documents?
[01:52]  What is an ID Doc?
[02:53] How it works
[03:45] What is FOTT?
[04:40] Demo
[09:10] How to do this in a low code, no code way
[09:42] What is AI Builder?
[10:21]  ID flow Demo
[11:47]  Where to go to learn more

Learn more:
Azure Form Recognizer Get Started https://aka.ms/AIShow/FormRecognizer/Get-Started
Form Recognizer Client Library SDKs https://aka.ms/AIShow/FormRecognizer/ClientLibrarySDKs Form Recognizer API doc https://aka.ms/AIShow/FormRecognizerAPI/Doc
Prebuilt ID doc https://aka.ms/AIShow/PrebuiltID/Doc

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