AI Show Live | Building computer vision models using AutoML for Images | Episode 35

On today's episode of the AI Show, Seth welcomes Swati Gharse who will show us how to build computer vision models using AutoML for Images!
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[00:29] Welcome Swati
[00:46] What kinds of problems Computer Vision solves
  • Multi-class image classification
  • Multi-label image classification
  • Object detection
  • Instance segmentation
[02:15] Why is this so challenging?
[03:18] AutoML feature capabilities
[05:00] Supported algorithms and tunable hyperparameters
[07:30] Demo: Training object detection model
[08:33] Using default hyperparameter values for specified algorithm
[11:46] Completed AutoML run
[15:15] Custom Vision v. Computer Vision v. AutoML for Images
[16:40] Learn more
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