AI Show Live | Episode 13 | What’s new in Computer Vision and OCR?

On this week's AI Show, Sanjeev Jagtap joins Seth to talk about what's new with Computer Vision OCR. Tune in to see Computer Vision now updated with industry-leading models built by Microsoft Research. After the segment, Seth gets back to work building the AI Roshambo game.

Jump to:
[03:09] Seth begins
[13:37] Sanjeev joins
[17:20] Cool Projects with Sanjeev Jagtap
[17:59] What is OCR?
[19:33] What's new in OCR?
[21:00] How to use OCR
[22:24] Demo - handwritten classification, selected pages extraction and text lines in reading order
[33:01] Demo - OCR Applied (Form Recognizer)
[39:45] Q&A
[46:17] Back to work on Roshambo

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What is Optical character recognition? https://aka.ms/AIShow/OpticalDoc
Quickstart: Read client library or REST API https://aka.ms/AIShow/RESTAPIQuickstart
How to call the Read API https://aka.ms/AIShow/ReadAPIDoc
Install Read OCR Docker containers from Computer Vision https://aka.ms/AIShow/OCRDockerDoc

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