AI Show Live | Episode 3 | Custom Neural Voice, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and more!

repost from AI Show Live Episode #3 (Feb 5, 2021)

In this live episode of the AI Show Seth will interview Edward Un about a recently GA'd feature called Custom Neural Voice. He will also continue work on his rock-paper-scissors project. Make sure to tune in!

Jump to:
[04:44] Livestream starts
[13:42] Custom Neural Voice with Sarah Bird and Edward Un
[56:32] Rock (Paper, Scissors) with Seth

Links from this livestream:
Custom Neural Voice https://aka.ms/AIShow/SpeechDocs
Text-to-speech documentation https://aka.ms/AIShow/SpeechDocs
Build a natural custom voice for your brand blog https://aka.ms/AIShow/CNVblog
Azure Cognitive Services - Apply https://aka.ms/AIShow/Apply 

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