AI Show Live | Episode 9 | What's new in the world of Conversational AI

repost from AI Show Live Episode #9 (April 16, 2021)

What's New in the World of Conversational AI - Episode 9

Join AI Show Live with Seth Juarez. Gary Pretty and Vishesh Oberoi will join the show to talk about Azure Bot Service's new telephony channel and Bot Framework Composer's recent enhancements complement each other. Stay tuned as Seth gets back to work on our Roshambo game.

[04:56] Seth begins
[12:00] Gary and Vishesh join
[20:26] Demo: Configure Telephony Channel
[28:51] Demo: Bot Framework Composer
[40:00] Seth calls the bot
[45:48] Learn more
[54:54] Let's get to work: Roshambo

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