AI Show live | Episode 5 | What’s New in Cognitive Search & Cool frameworks with PyTorch

repost from AI Show Live Episode #5 (Mar 5, 2021)

Join us as we talk with Luis Cabrera about how find meaningful insights using new capabilities in Azure Cognitive Search. Then we will check in on some cool frameworks with Suraj Subramanian of PyTorch. Stay tuned after as we get back to work on building our Roshambo game!

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[04:12]       Livestream starts
[10:48]       What's New in Cognitive Search with Luis Cabrera 
[44:44]       Rock (Paper, Scissors) with Seth
[01:04:30]  Cool frameworks with PyTorch with Suraj Subramanian
[01:34:17]  Rock (Paper, Scissors) with Seth

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