How to create your full-stack Azure Static Web Apps from a GitHub template [15 of 16] | Azure Tips and Tricks: Static Web Apps

While it's always possible to create a project from scratch, you'll often find its easier to start with a template! GitHub supports creating a new repository from an existing template, allowing you to quickly get setup so you can start writing code. Let's see how you can use the template feature to create the initial project for using Mongoose and Azure Static Web Apps.
Interactive tutorials on Microsoft Learn: https://aka.ms/Learn/StaticWebApps
Watch the full series: https://aka.ms/StaticWebAppsTipsC9
Extra resources:
- Azure Static Web Apps and Mongoose starter kit: https://github.com/GeekTrainer/aswa-student-starter-kit
- More about Mongoose: https://mongoosejs.com
Christopher Harrison, @GeekTrainer