Introduction to components and the Vue CLI [12 of 16] | Beginner's Series to: Vue.js

As your Vue applications grow larger it can become tricky to manage everything by solely using JavaScript files. To help support reuse and modularity, Vue supports single file components or SFCs. SFCs contain all of the necessary syntax - style, HTML and script - for the component. Because these SFCs will have a different extension (.vue) they need to be converted into JavaScript that can be read by a browser. To support this Vue includes a command-line interface (CLI). Let's start by taking a look at the CLI to create a Vue application and start a dev server.

Sample code: https://github.com/microsoft/vue-beginners-videos 
Learn Path: https://aka.ms/CreateWebsitesWithVue
Node: https://nodejs.org/  
NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/  
Vue CLI: https://cli.vuejs.org/