Microsoft France: About Cloud Advocate, Christopher Maneu

Recorded November 2019 | Paris, FR

In this episode of CodeStories, Seth Juarez joins local Cloud Advocate, Christopher Maneu, on a tour of the Microsoft office in Paris, his remote office,  and a scuba diving club.

Learn how Christopher has automated a logbook with IoT Retrofitting https://aka.ms/CodeStories/compressor.

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  • [03:02] - The Tech Scene in France.
  • [05:12] - How did you get started working at Microsoft?
  • [06:25] - How Christopher got into Tech.
  • [07:18] - Tour of Christopher's home office and how he works from home.
  • [08:21] - What does a Cloud Advocate do?
  • [09:10] - Learn more about Christopher's scuba diving passion.
  • [10:10] - Learn how Christopher merges his hobby of scuba diving with his experience in Tech.
  • [11:59] - Learn more about IoT Retrofitting and the MXChip IoT DevKit

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