How to Assess Readiness of SQL Server Data Estate Migrating to Azure SQL

With many organizations trying to migrate to Azure, one of the critical and most important tasks is to assess existing on-premise SQL Server instances and identify the right target Azure SQL. Data Migration Assistant (DMA) is a popular tool that helps in assessing SQL Server instance for a specific Azure SQL target and is immensely useful to gauge the readiness of SQL Server databases for migrating to Azure SQL. The capability to upload the DMA assessment results to the Azure Migrate hub to get a centralized readiness view of the entire data estate was already released. In this episode, Rajesh Setlem walks you through the steps for performing assessments at scale using DMA command-line interface (DMACMD).

[01:41] Overview of Data Migration Assistant
[03:30] Demo
[12:50] Tips for getting started

Data Migration Assistant
Azure Migrate
Run Data Migration Assistant from the command line
DMA command-line interface