Using Kusto Query Language (KQL) in Azure Data Studio

Azure Data Studio – a cross-platform client tool with hybrid and poly cloud capabilities - now brings KQL experiences for modern data professionals. In this episode with Julie Koesmarno, she will show KQL magic in Notebooks and the native KQL experiences – all in Azure Data Studio. You'll also learn more about the use cases for KQL experiences in Azure Data Studio and our roadmap.

[00:47] Using KQL
[02:51] Kqlmagic Demo
[05:11] Kusto (KQL) extension
[07:50] Native Kusto notebook
[09:28] Machine Learning plugin in Azure Data Explorer
[10:45] Getting started

Analyze data in Azure Data Explorer using Kusto Query Language (KQL) extension in Azure Data Studio
Connecting to Azure Data Explorer cluster in Azure Data Studio, and writing KQL queries
Writing KQL notebooks
Using KQL magic in Azure Data Studio notebooks