Preview Software Behavior and Avoid Bugs in Production

A new approach to an age old problem Shifting left and expanding right simultaneously for quality at velocity Measuring software behavior.

Jump to:
[00:00] Preventing Zero-Day Bugs with ReGrade
[01:22] Introduction to Curtail ReGrade
[02:14] ReGrade in the Azure DevOps Pipeline
[02:47] Background of Demo in the Azure DevOps Pipeline
[03:18] Demo of ReGrade in the Azure DevOps Pipeline
[05:25] See Bad Behavior and Regressions
[10:27] Unintended Software Behavior
[12:08]  JSON in context Side-By-Side
[13:02]  Track Performance with ReGrade
[15:19]  Example: Library Changes and Supply Chain Attacks
[15:56] Getting Started with ReGrade

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