Hello World: Friday, March 19, 2021

It's Friday on Hello World! And today we have a special guest host April Dunnam and all of the usual great segments - Microsoft MVPs, Student Ambassadors, and Humans of Microsoft.
And what piece of inspiration will Diego's wall bring us today?
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Welcome and News
- Register and watch all the MS Include sessions at: https://aka.ms/msinclude 
- Let's Learn .NET - Microservices! Follow along and ask instructors questions as you go. Register at: https://letslearndotnet.splashthat.com 
MVP Spotlight
- Learn more about Rodrigo Díaz Concha: https://rd.microsoft.com/en-us/rodrigo-diazconcha 
- Rodrigo Díaz Concha's podcast: https://www.facebook.com/interfazpodcast 
Student Ambassador
- Explore the endless possibilities of Javascript, Azure Functions, and External APIs with Bit Project, Cloud Advocate Chloe Condon, and our guest Shreya Gupta! https://tinyurl.com/serverlesslive 
Humans of Microsoft
- Mike Brown is on Twitter at @browniepoints. Make sure to check Juneteenth conf at https://www.juneteenthconf.com/ 
Diego's Wall
- More to come!
Episode's Segment

[00:00] Countdown
[01:09] Welcome and News
[05:23] MVP Spotlight
[10:35] Student Ambassador
[15:28] Humans of Microsoft
[20:45] Diego's Wall
[27:43] Coming-Up next

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