Hello World: Thursday April 29, 2021

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Welcome and News - [00:57] 

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File New Project - [04:24]

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Today Scott Hanselman speaks with Liz Kenyon, who creates awesome TikTok Videos

You can follow Liz on TikTok and Twitter @liz.kenyon


Azure Tips and Tricks - [09:42]

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​Find out more about Azure Metrics Advisor and other tips at https://aka.ms/azuretipsandtricks   

Questions: What's the minimum for Azure Metrics Advisor?


So there is a minimum amount. 4 cycles of data if data has seasonality. e.g., weekly pattern, then 4 weeks of data. For high frequency data from sensors, normally they don't have seasonality, and then it'd be 1 hour of data


Certifications All Up [14:37] 

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AZ900 Certification: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-900 

Find all certifications at https://aka.ms/learn  


ABSee - [19:46]

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